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Biagio grew up in a small urban town called Pagani, located in the province of Salerno, Italy. He is the oldest of 3 boys and his passion for baking started between the ages of 8 and 10.


At 14 years old, he started his own little entrepreneurship! He began making homemade bomboloni and croissants in his childhood kitchen and would ride across town on his bicycle selling his delicious treats to the locals.


As he got older, he briefly served in the Italian military cooking personally for a high level General. He has always been so talented and successful, whether he's cooking or baking, but his true passion and goal in life is to make people happy through his creations! 

Biagio always had aspirations of one day owning his own bakery, moving to America, and living the "American Dream" but he didn't quite have the money to do so. Yet fate is a powerful thing!


After his military commitment ended, he returned back home and, soon after, he met a beautiful American woman named Carmela. She happened to be visiting her family nearby and the two were introduced through mutual friends. They fell madly in love, and after a couple years of a long distance romance, he finally seized the opportunity to move to America. 

His journey and hardships started 3 days after moving to the United States. He was at a huge disadvantage because he did not speak a lick of English nor did he have a driver's license.


Luckily, he found a pizzeria in walking distance of their home where the owners of the establishment happened to be from Italy as well. They just so happened to be looking to fill a pastry chef position and, little did they know, they just hired a true hidden gem!


As the years went on, his experience working in different food establishments grew immensely, and with Biagio's drive and perseverance, he opened up his first wholesale bakery. He delivered fresh baked breads daily to local restaurants, deli shops, pizza shops and more.




After 8 years of operating his wholesale business, his true dream came to fruition. In 2011, he opened Biagio's Italian Gourmet Specialties with his wife and daughter. 

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